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I was personally disappointed

Posted by Jo on August 20, 2005 at 13:23:40

In Reply to: Dateline on the Cult/Ricky Tonight posted by TV Guide on August 19, 2005 at 17:26:01:

I was personally disappointed with the Dateline coverage regarding the family. It seems they wanted to make a -balanced- report which on one had did state where the sex doctrines originated but left so much out about actual damages done.

Also, the report ended with the reporter saying that 'Then [Claire] said something that [amazed?] him or suprized him: She said that they believed in spite of the murder Ricky was in heaven he was forgiven and was learning things and that they forgave because they are Christians and that is what Christians do.

Also, James Chancellor, a known "scholar" who favors viewing the family as an edgy New Religious Movement who has "changed" seemed to be the primary expert.

Why can't people understand that sex doctrines in the family are like rape? Rape and sex doctrines in the family are NOT ABOUT SEX but they are about CONTROL.

Just my opinion, but I am glad that Cosmo UK, The RollingStone article and others have been much more accurate and balanced, imo. I am glad there are at least far more articles and shows that present a clearer picture.

My hope is that people can move forward from here in spite of spokeswitches like Claire. Someone said at another site that people go back to the family because they have no place else to go. I hope that people considering leaving are reaching out to write about their need. There are people outside that can directly help those that want to leave (emphasis on WANT TO) or help find support in the form of a good place to go to where they can get counseling, medical care, education/GED, and other connections to make it on the outside.

I know that there are organizations like "Safe Passage" dedicated to that, but don't know how much they can do in finding places where people can get on their feet.

If it would HELP, I am sure there are individuals, I am one in my part of the world, Texas, who can seek out places where people can go if at the time nothing is available via Safe Passage at the time. I am sure others would help too.

Lots of people want to help and many of the people that want to help are not people who ever were around when camps and such were in place. I would hate to see people give up or not leave when they really WANT to because of lack of a place to go to!