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Re: Chancellor is way over his professional boundaries on this one

Posted by Miss Kitty on August 21, 2005 at 22:08:21

In Reply to: Chancellor is way over his professional boundaries on this one posted by Anovagrrl on August 21, 2005 at 20:22:17:

Chancellor has been around the family and family literature enough to know something is seriously amiss in TFI.

I wonder what the going price for a conscience is these days?

What really gets me is that a major investigative reporting program like DATELINE chose to do such a poor job of, or in fact NOT investigate the facts surrounding the Family and suggest that suicides, sexual abuse, physical abuse and other things cannot be proven.

How can they make a statement like that if they investigated? The short answer is that either they DID NOT investigate or a whole lotta string pullin was goin on. I think the latter because DATELINE had books, tapes, videos that verify so much, and sufficient interviews with survivors of TFI would make it easy to further verify the issues discussed.

Still, most media has done a good job of presenting the facts. Even better, a good number of people getting out of TFI are getting careers and education and getting on their feet IN SPITE OF TFI.

Much better than today's average youth in the family will have if they grow up IN the family and stay there, where most will not have the retirement and health care afforded the elite family members, and many will die from neglect supposedly for "Jesus"

Deaths due to NEGLECT should be factored into the known losses from TFI fallout. Then when a known number is arrived at, for every three known there is probably at least one UNKNOWN casualty.