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RSVP: Borowik regretfully unable to attend

Posted by Latest News on August 23, 2005 at 22:44:09

In Reply to: Dr. Phil posted by Acheick on August 22, 2005 at 15:18:45:

To Claire Borowik, primary spokesperson for an obscure religious cult formerly known as the Children of God, a trip to Bankgok seemed like a good way to relax with a couple of a friends between high-profile media persecution defense projects. To Bankgok's voracious private detectives, however, the outing was one more juicy assignment involving one of the region's most notorious tourists.

So it was that, last Thursday, Borowik noticed she was being followed by a posse of four-wheel-drives as she left her room at the Hilton and started down Meyer's Ridge towards the Froghopper Lounge, a 45-minute drive away. She paid the $19 entrance fee to the Froghopper car park in the hope of losing her pursuers, but they followed her.

Unnerved, she started swerving her Mercedes and accidentally sideswiped a Daihatsu carrying a mother and her daughters. Ms Borowik immediately apologised profusely for what she had done, according to witnesses at the scene. She didn't report the accident to police and claimed nobody was seriously injured. She was eventually found at a Dr. Benway's Spa in the Interzone subdivision.

"She has not been left alone since she has come back to the States," her caretaker, Marcel Pariseau, told the Bangkok Times. "At least two or three of them had been camping in her suite for five days. They said they were fasting and praying." Mr Pariseau added: "I just hope they clean up the mess they made."

Later in the day, Ms. Borowik complained about newsroom copy editors during a brief appearance on a special edition of Meet the Press hosted by Gilbert Gottfried and James Carville:

Borowik: "A lot of my trouble in the world is that they've doctored my makeup and colorized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture. Just this morning Mama got a prophecy from Dr. Raoul Duke that ICEA [the International Copy Editor's Association] has been infiltrated by undercover agents of the anti-cult movement."

Gottfried: "This is breaking news. I've haven't heard this."

Carvile: "Breaking news. Who did it? What paper?"

Borowik: "Well.. I don't... I can't tell you."

Carville: Is there anything you can tell us?

Borowik: "Mr. Carville, you don't know anything about the case. And those people who say that don't know anything about the case. And unfortunately, as somebody who likes to talk, I'd like to say a lot about the case, but because of my attorney's advice I can't. But I will. And there might be some surprising things."