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AN APOSTATE'S PROPHECY: more rumors and humors

Posted by locke on August 26, 2005 at 04:24:36

Peter Amsterdam, talking with Chancellor, expressed considerable frustration that “sex is all we ever hear about, when it is actually only 2% of what we are.” And then the meeting broke for a masturbation break, oh well....

Chancellor countered with "I responded to him that this was like the bull saying 'Why are people always so concerned about my horns, when they are only 2% of who I am.' My point was well taken, but Peter’s point was also..."

I say, "Touche and Good point, Mr. Chancellor. You and Peter sure did a lot of 'pointing' with your horny and puny little light sabers, it is almost homo-erotic how your two great minds engaged and grappled with such weighty issues in your dialog, oh well..."


Yet, amazingly, to the Family, it is the former members, aka the "apostates," who are obsessed with sex, bitter beyond reason, full of bile and exaggeration, oh well....

IT MUST BE TIME FOR -------------------------

An Apostate's PROPHECY:


I, an apostate, being of sound mind and body, do prophesy that God, Nature, or Justice will visit the Family leadership’s lies, vacuous mental spaces, and putrid cover-ups under the tutelege of academics and sociologists, and bring to daylight their overweening and dim-witted spirituality consisting of false balances and distorted 2% perspectives of sex------all the way-----until the 3rd and 4th decimal point: let's say about 2.9999% perhaps?

The Family hierarchy’s belittling, reducing, and fractionalizing of what actually happened will ultimately and finally be calculated and totaled up by a higher arbiter; the fraction will become--not an integer only, but a square, and then, a cube. With astonishment the world will recognize the paradox--they will see and hear the truth.

Just as God visited the iniquity of His children unto the 3rd and 4th generation. Nature and Justice will visit iniquity in like manner, unto the 3rd or 4th decimal point of Peter Amsterdam's whining 2%.

Nature is no respector of persons, we hope justice will remain true to herself as well.