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Re: The Z's & NLC

Posted by Horse's mouth (?) on August 26, 2005 at 07:12:36

In Reply to: The Z's posted by Acheick on June 03, 2005 at 22:06:35:

My wife and I were googling peoples names and when I googled mine it got me here. Who's me? I'm David H ..half of the Zees. I just wanted to explain a few things. 1. Mary Lou and I started No Longer Childern, regestered it in Canada, had a board etc. with really only one perpose, and that was as a support group. Yes I did speak out about some of the wierd and wacked out beliefs (to numerous to tackle now even if I wanted to ( Boy, we missed the Jerkin' off to Jesus..Darn!) We felt there were other people who were adressing the wierd s**t well enough. When we started NLC it was to be a way everyone could have a voice and forum of their thoughts and what worked for them and what didn't. Like one of the things I wrote, I felt, leaving TF could be a step or growth into "adulthood" (Since in TF there was the crasy idea about keeping everyone in eternal chidhood under Mama and Dad.) So for me NLC was there to celabrate adulthood and not blame any drunken "prophet" for how f**ked up my life was and not to just plug into something new to tell what the "Truth" was. 2. Why NLC disbanded.. It had nothing to do with TF. (Yes we met with them twise.. in Calf. and once in Vancouer. Why? I felt we were someone they couldn't pull their PR BS on and they
knew that too so it was an attempt to say to them and the teenagers, people are moving on, forget about your curses and praying we were dead.) And by publishing what they wrote there was no sucking involed nor anything else that involed not being able to sit the next day)
To make it short.. (The real reason NLC was to fade into the sunset)...Some in NLC wanted our stance to be more overtly "Christian".. I felt everyone had to decide what, where or if anything they wanted to believe or do. I was not comfortable with pushing in that direction. It was up to everyone to be were they were or wanted to be. Knowning if I resigned as director, no one would take my place and it would fold.. I resigned. and it folded.
So that's enough for now.
( Oh.. How I got my name Zebedee Rabbit? Timothy Turkey gave me the name..just ask Barkus Doodler & Mr. Inkletterer they'll tell ya. )
P.S. Two things Sidartha said ..We need to wake up.. and as Yung said ..we need to grow up.
All the best.. D.H.