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Opinions or Reports?

Posted by Post R on August 26, 2005 at 14:34:36

In Reply to: Pros & Cons of compromised academics posted by Observer on August 26, 2005 at 12:36:41:

The major difference between opinions and reports are that reports state facts while opinions are only individual views.

Research is not opinion unless it clearly states it. When a person claims expert status, there is no room for unbounded opinion but only within specific clearly defined bounds. It is known that he is only looking at a bias sample of favorable Family members and therefore the conclusions he presents reflect that group of people.

For example, it is true that TFI children are well adjusted to their environment. The problem is that he never clearly defines that oversexualized, among other things, environment. The reader is led to believe that it is a healthy environment. An analogy would be to claim that the children of a family of thiefs (as in Dicken's stories) are safe just because their parents and relatives look after them and are safe in their environment.

What Chancellor omits is the poison in the environment those children live. That is wrong, and he knows it and deliberately hides it.

Not everybody can see the insidious subtleties of data manipulation inscrupulous self-proclaimed experts are able to do to defend their own bias. It takes a little training. That's why I am not surprised by some exmembers appearing to support his views and writings.

That is not science and that is not the scientific method. Then again, theologians are not expected to adhere to science but at least should be interested in the ethical standards of their publications.