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Re: Chancellor apologized to Jules

Posted by Post R on August 26, 2005 at 14:55:51

In Reply to: Re: Chancellor apologized to Jules posted by Black Elk on August 26, 2005 at 13:18:40:

Agree with his lack of research skills.

Is he just trying to play the time card? After all FGAs are old hats and SGAs are more sympathetic and accepting of people still in TFI. SGAs still have for the most part strong ties with people who are still holding onto TFI's doctrines. I wonder how many SGAs have really been able to take the effort and examined those doctrines to embrace new ones. If they haven't done that, their only value system is what they acquired (or were given) in TFI.

In other words, people like Chancellor are moving forth towards a future in which TFI will be "accepted" in the mainstream of "acceptable" religious groups. For that reason it is strategically important that he keeps SGAs close by. We, FGAs are already too far gone and our stories are not important to that goal. In fact, our stories are an obstacle.

That's why we need to preserve them. When we die, and many of us are getting to that agea of liberation (PTL!) our stories will be gone. That is their hope and Chancellor and people like him are working towards that, to silence us.