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Charles Manson has changed and so have his followers.

Posted by Squeaky Fromme(not) on August 26, 2005 at 16:19:23

Charlie no longer advocates for murder. He has cleaned up his act and the Family, uh, our Family no longer is engaged in past criminal behavior.
We have a new charter that keeps sex all within the Family and people can choose not to have sex though we probably would not do so since we are dedicated to Charlie and are taught that sex that he orders or suggests or that we could have with him would be a gift.
We still believe sex with our prophet is a real honor and petition daily for the courts to change the laws to allow us, his brides, to have conjugal visits.
I can understand how some of you feel. The nerve of detractors to act impartially and attack Charlie for what he did in the past under the influence of too many drugs.