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Why I stoop to name-calling/But Stand for Truth

Posted by Skidrow on August 26, 2005 at 19:26:50

In Reply to: Why stoop to name-calling? posted by exmember on August 26, 2005 at 18:27:31:

Because, Chancellor started it, following the imprimateur of the Family. So sorry to have called him a bad name--shame on me for being upset that he and the Family smuggly besmirch me so many exers.

I, like others, was a normal teenager of the post Woodstock 1970's, with a future, when they clasped their predatory claws into my youthful and naive heart.

By the way, I am not running for political office or a position in society--that has been forever barred from me by my long association with a sex cult. Is that why Chancellor is so vitrolic in his email of June 22?

Would any wiff of scandal concerning a wife with associations with a sex cult damage his career in society?----Well, all I can say is, Welcome to my world, Mr. Chancellor, the world of the exer. We are not fighting windmills now, we fight the hot air that keeps them turning,--folks like you.

The cult leaders can lie and pretend and slither wheresoever they will. They have had shameful doctrines and a history that is undefendable, that's why they pick on and harp on the little minute irritations (Is Mrs. Chancellor, a former member?); because the real issue of their moral depravity is beyond their mental faculties.