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Re: Why not write Chancellor then?

Posted by Farmer on August 27, 2005 at 01:53:15

In Reply to: Why not write Chancellor then? posted by Observer on August 26, 2005 at 12:44:16:

Although many might know me a little from my posts, as to what my stand regarding TF is like, agreeing with you, that they have not repented really yet, showing those fruits...yet I find it difficult to say this is a Christian , that one not.

I am going to church fairly regurlarly & one attendant, a regular vistor I once had a talk with abou this important subject.He's working as a lutheran pastor with the blind in this region and I wanted to know, how he'd determine, who a sincere believer of the churchgoers would be, kind of: who's a real Christian of the churchvisitors...he was surprised & almost a bit upset & said: "and you want me to answer that?"...

You know, that we were delving into people's biographies, listened to their past etc...with me
different people of TF prayed 3-4 times while at the poorboy club...having already prayed before on the does a baby know anything about being born?....

but then you reach a point in the discussion about TF & others: were they born again or is there a point of loosing salvation...I hope you know about these implications!?