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Re: WTF?

Posted by Satirica, Queen M's Handmaid on August 27, 2005 at 10:30:00

In Reply to: WTF? posted by Acheick on August 27, 2005 at 09:23:40:

I really love you. That's why I'm going to explain what's wrong with swearing on an exmember website. Do you want your testimony against the god-damned cult system to be dismissed as bitterness and vitriole? Of course not! You know how our enemies like to use that against us! You should always be careful not to let your words become a stumbling block for the weak and lame shit-heads!

Now if you want to really be a sacrificial leader in this war against the great whore cult, maybe you should pray about loving Keysus more! Have you told your heavenly husband today that you want to fuck him? You know how turned on he gets by dirty talk, don't you?

Maybe if you're having a problem with swearing and dirty words, you should get down on your knees and imagine yourself giving Keysus' holy dick a blow job! Honey, I want you to try that, OK? I still need to warn you, though, that if sucking the tits off Keysus doesn't clean up your mouth, the visiting moderator shepherds will have to get out a toothbrush, a bar of lye soap, and delete your posts!

Like King Coordinator has told us many times, we need to be very careful not to say these special love words in a disrepectful way. If you say something like "Fuck you, Clare Borowik," you're talking to a selfish cunt the same way you'd talk to God! Just think about that for a minute, sweetheart. Do you want to make a god-damned canuck jew equal to God? No! Of course not.

I love you, honey! God bless you! Let's have a holy hug. Remember always to talk sweetly about our enemies, for in doing so, we heap searing coals of fire on the maggot-heads! TYK! Keep smiling!