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Re: Chancellor Caught!! He Was Doing A Bad, Bad Thing

Posted by Monger on August 27, 2005 at 18:23:08

In Reply to: Chancellor Caught!! He Was Doing A Bad, Bad Thing posted by Exer Out/Freedom In on August 27, 2005 at 17:57:06:

"Every instance when an extreme exaggeration or outright falsehood appears, your chances of a just outcome diminish."

This is one thing I happen to agree with Chancellor on.

And in my opinion your thread title is absurdly excessive. Like Craven, who voiced a similar opinion on MovingOn, I fail to see what was so bad about Chancellor's email. As you noted, he even went out of his way to apologize for the way he wrote it and the way it was received. In any case, that has little relevance to my opinion of Chancellor, and for the record I strongly disagree with many conclusions he has come to.