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92 GN with 1998 copyright -- sanitized version

Posted by lapis on August 30, 2005 at 15:44:01

In Reply to: Repentance? posted by memory on August 30, 2005 at 15:14:15:

Much of the rhetoric reminds me of the 2005 "Persecution Confirmation" GN. Emphases added:

"62. Of course, we have never allowed actual child abuse of any kind, as we would never think of harming our children! We are completely against any kind of child abuse, not only because of the System, but because we love our children, & to harm them in any way would be completely against our principles of love. We cannot even allow any kind of sexual AFFECTION between minors & adults whatsoever. [DELETED]

63. We certainly do not condone nor approve of child sexual molestation, exploitation or abuse. In fact, we have very stringently condemned it & have made it very clear that not only is any kind of actual child abuse absolutely illegal in our Homes & that anyone guilty of any such practices must be excommunicated & ostracised & cast out of our Homes & our fellowship, BUT WE'VE ALSO HAD TO GO SO FAR AS TO BAN ANY NON-ABUSIVE CONTACT WITH MINORS WHICH COULD BE CONSTRUED AS "ABUSE" BY THE SYSTEM! We do not condone nor accept nor encourage nor approve of the things that our wicked, self-righteous, hypocritical enemies are accusing us of, while they are accepting the vilest, most wicked, filthiest sins & wickedness of all in Sodomy, & worst of all, self-righteous hypocrisy!

64. That's all I have to say: Wherein have we sinned? Wherein can you prove it to me by the Bible that we have sinned or that we have taught sin or exonerated or encouraged sin? Prove it to me by the Bible. If you think you have the proof, then I'd be willing to discuss it. But until you can prove to me by the Bible that we have sinned & that we encourage sin, & practice sin, I don't have to answer your charges that you cannot accept us because of our so-called "sins" & "false teachings."

65. Answer me these questions, then perhaps I will answer you. Show me by the Bible, the Scripture, the Word of Almighty God that we have sinned.--Not by the evil words of the vile, filthy characters who attack us, backslidden defectors who were themselves thrown out of our fellowship because of their own wickedness.--For practicing some of the very sins that they accuse us of!

66. Don't try to convince me that I am evil by their evil words!--These filthy, wicked sinners that Peter called "brute beasts, made to be destroyed!"--2Pet.2:12. Don't try to convict me by their false accusations & evil malignments. Convict me by the Word of God--not by Man's PERVERTED IDEAS & REVERSED JUDGEMENTS & even some EVIL LAWS! But convict me by the Word of God! Show me where I'm wrong by the Bible, & answer these questions that I give you in which I condemn your so-called civilisation, your so-called society & your so-called laws which CONTRADICT THE LAWS OF GOD! Don't try to convict me by any EVIL LAWS OF MAN. Show me where I disobey the Laws of God, & I will show you, as I hope I have, where many of the laws of Man have now become completely contrary to the Laws of God!

67. Why should I be convicted by any EVIL LAWS OF MAN which are contrary to the Laws of God? As the Apostles asked the scribes & Pharisees, the hypocrites that were condemning them: "Why should we obey you rather than God? Which is right, to obey God or Man?"--Acts 4:18-20; 5:29.--Especially evil, wicked, hypocritical, self-righteous men & women! Which is right?--To obey you or to obey God? You show me where I've disobeyed God, & I'll show you where you & your generation have violated every law in the book--His Book!--And have polluted the Earth & corrupted Mankind & become totally perverted & horribly contrary to the Word of God!

68. So you who rebuke me, I in return rebuke you as the sinners. Not me! Not us! You're the sinners! You're the wicked! You're the ones who tolerate the worst sins of all in this wicked & adulterous generation, which is going to be judged soon & is now being judged with curses such as AIDS & economic curses, crime, curses of war, curses of every kind, judgements of God, natural disasters! Even your own children are drug-ridden, confused & suicidal. God is wreaking havoc upon the Earth because Man has wreaked havoc with Man, according to the Word of God!

69. Judge ye which is better, to obey you or God! THINK NOT that you will be ABLE TO RECONCILE us with the RULES OF THIS WORLD & its rulers, for they are IRRECONCILABLE WITH GOD! God is our Judge & only He can condemn! WE CAN NO MORE BE RECONCILED WITH THE MORES & MORALS OF MODERN SOCIETY than they can be reconciled with God & His Laws. We're not conformed to this World, but we are transformed by the renewing of our minds & the reconciling of our spirits to the Will & the Laws of God! (Rom.12:2.) The World hateth us because it hated Him & still hates Him! (John 15:19.)

70. So think not that the World will ever receive us, not even the worldly church of today. But those who are true Christians & truly love the Lord will sooner or later recognise that we are right & will love us.--Those that are His, but never the World! They will even kill us, thinking they are doing God service! (John 16:2.) So we're not expecting reconciliation with Man or his laws or his morals or his sins, only with God! We only expect the worst from Man!


73. --But where will you stand at the Great Day of the Judgment of God!? God have mercy on you sinners!--I'm saved by His Loving Grace!--NOW!--What about you?--Will ye still stone us?--Come die with us, or some day you may wish you had!"


WHY DO YE STONE US? DO 2835 12/92

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