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Re: Scary Clown People

Posted by MG on September 16, 2005 at 03:48:11

In Reply to: Re: Scary Clown People posted by Mr. Don on September 15, 2005 at 21:14:30:

You're right about one of the main objectives is to set up the photo ops.

I was really one hell of a screwed up Family member my last years in the cult. I had stopped believing in the endless pages of "prophecies" Zerby still dishes out day in and day out, but I was really stuck. I didn't know what I'd do, where I'd go, & how I'd even be able to support myself if I left.

My last 2 years in the group I was in Kosovo. We got there only a few months after the war ended and thousands of people had been massacred and thousands of homes burnt down. Ill never forget it what it was like being there. Ill never forget the tears, the pleas for justice. When I drove through the towns and countryside, which was everyday, the lines of a Hendrix song would run through my head, And I come back to find the stars misplaced and the smell of a world that has burned.

Anyway, I wasnt at all enthused about getting posters distributed, one of the principle Family member activities there. But I did get very much into doing the logistics for lots of clown shows that Albanian Family members and other SGs who had teamed up with us were doing. My wife and I had home support, in other words funds, a van, a generator, all kinds of things, and wed travel far and wide with our team making a lot of kids whod been to hell and back very very happy. Even if it was only for an afternoon, as far as Im concerned, it was one the things I look back on with any sense of accomplishment.

Theres an NGO called Clowns Without Frontiers, they do the same.

My other job besides the driving, setting up logistics, having food or clothes or toys on hand to distribute was also to take the photos for our newsletter.

Im not into going after individual family members, or to try to hinder them in their activities. Whatever I can do to go after the head yes, but the Family members going into the shelters to sing and do their clown shows are not going there to abuse children.

I know that not everyone will agree with me on this, do feel free to express your points of view.