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Re: Zerby's Brain Pathology

Posted by Doc Reallynow on September 16, 2005 at 15:39:17

In Reply to: Re: Zerby's Brain Pathology posted by Observer on September 16, 2005 at 14:21:39:

Well, if all the armchair psychiatrists come out of the wood work to write *official articles* about Zerby's weak twisted mind using professional diagnoses, that just might backfire.
I suggest that everyone who has been in a cult go to a bookstore like Barnes and Nobles and sit down and read over the descriptions of all the different mental disorders. The first thing you will likely discover is that some things will sound like you. -"You" used not personally about you Observer, but about anyone reading the DSM IV.-
While it is interesting to see excepts applied to Zerby, without being her psychiatrist and something she will probably never by choice utilize, attempting detailed stabs at diagnoses based on DSM IV and regarding her mental condition would seem to be self defeating in criticising her.
An example is someone's reference to Maria maybe having Asperger's syndrome. It was based on reading and applying from a non professional standard descriptions o the disorder and then applying that to describe Maria.
Having worked with Autistic children, I can see how the syndrome would be not at all about Maria but how it applies to children affected by the syndrome or by Autism. That is why it takes a professional who not only reads about the person, has full knowledge of how to use the DSM IV for diagnostic purposes, and who has *personally interviewed and tested* the person in question in order to make a real diagnosis.
I see these cuts and pastes on mental disorders in a manner as if it were a professional article *without* any true validity specifically regarding Zerbot as, well, *off the beam*.