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Re: Berkeley article on TF

Posted by Goth88 on September 16, 2005 at 20:52:18

In Reply to: Berkeley article on TF posted by Daniel Roselle on September 16, 2005 at 20:16:04:

Jo here, and just wanting to say CONGRATULATIONS!
The article is amazing and so are your accomplishments.
To quote you:
"[The Family] said that if I left, at best I'd end up working at McDonald's, at worst I'd be a heroin addict and end up on the streets," says Roselle. "But you know, that's what they set us up for. We received no education and were allowed few contacts on 'the outside.'"

How very sad. What is GOOD TO KNOW is that in spite of the losses due to the Family experiences, many youth that have exited are going on with their lives and excelling at their crafts. I have three sons that are professionals today. They spent most of their growing up yrs outside of the family and one of the first things was to get in lots of trouble being "free" for the first time then they partied hard as they got older but were still young teens. After that they all went to schools and excelled. I am very proud of them. They had missed normal school, for the eldest for three and a half years. To be thrown into a classroom and be expected to be at grade level is a huge challenge. They made it without failing any grades.
I wish your parents could be proud of you and that they were cheering in your corner. Maybe one day they well get out of that mess. Sorry for your loss of nuclear family. But I gotta say considering all you have been through you are one incredible man.