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thinking freely

Posted by porceleindoll on September 18, 2005 at 19:26:59

In Reply to: good for you posted by Acheick on September 18, 2005 at 17:57:22:

I think that even if we never had the opportunity to think freely, there were some things we just knew instinctively weren't right, and when the chance came that we could make a decision on them for ourselves, we chose differently from our upbringing.

The issue of the blacks is one of those opinions. I was never comfortable with Berg's teachings on the blacks, it always bothered me, I tried to believe it, I tried to teach it to my younger peers, but it always unsettled me, though I couldn't explain or defend my feeling. It required a great deal of yielding on my part to accept his teachings, a lot of 'wrapping it up in faith' until I could understand it.

When Berg came out with that new revalation about how wrong he'd been, it really shook me, if he'd been wrong about this, what else was he wrong about? And all those little packages wrapped up in faith were starting to come unravelled. It was the crack in my defenses and the doubts began coming in at that point, I couldn't ignore them, and no longer 'fought' them as I had before.