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racketeering, mail fraud, conspiracy,lying as evil as foolish sex,too.

Posted by Exer Out/Freedom In on September 19, 2005 at 19:07:47

In Reply to: Illinois Gov. on trial for racketeering, mail fraud, conspiracy,lying. posted by locke on September 19, 2005 at 18:55:00:

The bigger picture to the Family is the deceit and corruption of totalitarian cults and their tight-fisted wacko morals--that deal with people's lives like they are playing a cheery game of UNO and then, they change the rules as they go--always in order to protect the leadership.

They(Grant Montgomery for example) always quote guys like Nietsche, when he said, "What doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger."

And what does kill you, makes you weaker?--or DEAD? I tell you, the great minds of the cult really remind me of watching Itchy and Scratchy on the Simpsons TV show.

Nietsche was the guy who said God was dead, remember?

The cult is dead --- they just don't know it.