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Re: did you notice?

Posted by Goth88 on September 21, 2005 at 15:39:41

In Reply to: did you notice? posted by Acheick on September 21, 2005 at 11:09:39:

It looked to me like they were redistributing some donated goods and staffing some quarantine areas as receptionists of sorts. Some volunteering in the medical areas. Most of the Katrina relief provided was "christian counseling" to people via words of comfort and shiny slick cartoonish posters- remakes of the guardian angel watching over a little boy and girl.
I noticed they were focusing on helping police and military in New Orleans. Yep. Photo Ops and making contacts for self preservation.
I also noticed one of their donation sites for Katrina Relief said they were accepting donations for KATRINA RELIEF in one breath while in another saying their primary relief was christian counseling and LITERATURE. THOUSANDS of those tacky posters. Small groups seemed to be putting on clown shows 'specially for the kiddies.

I don't think TFI can keep on like they are going. During a catastrophe no one CARES where food or relief comes from even if it is a paper which can't even be used as toilet paper. But eventually when the immediate crisis passes, I think there will be more put in place to beware of grifters and opportunistic orgs. =P