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Houston evacuated! I forsaw all this!!

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on September 21, 2005 at 19:22:24

In Reply to: Quick! Get Family photo-oppers moving! posted by Grandpa's Ghost on September 21, 2005 at 18:36:04:

What a great prophet I am! I foresaw the evacuation of Houston in "Death to the Cities!:

"In a vision‚ I saw them streaming out of the big cities … streaming out along the highways into the country and out in the Midwest and the West and all."

True, I saw them "streaming" on foot, not on buses, being bused out, but hell, maybe there were buses in my dream but they were invisible? If God can turn Comet Kohoutek invisible so it had to be seen with the eyes of faith, maybe He did the same with the buses.

And true, they're not going from Houston into "the Midwest and all" but isn't Texas part of the "West" at least? Land of the cowboys? (Grandpa bursts into ecstatic tongues, belching and groaning:)

Like that prophetic song said, "I'm an old cow-hand from the Rio Grande (Houston is near the Rio Grande!), an' I learned to ride (on invisible buses?) before I learned to stand! Yippie-kie-yo-kie-yay! Bring your ranching up to date! Ride the range in a Ford-V8!"

Such are the visions of David! Even so, even so.

I want all our photo-op teams to sing this song to comfort the Red Cross workers and city officials! Hal!