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I predicted Rita wouldn't cause much damage

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on September 25, 2005 at 19:14:54

I know some of our kids are maybe doubting my and Mama's revelations now, since we said that Katrina and Rita were God's judgment on America, and now Rita didn't do near enough damage. Maybe we can tell them God was just warning them but NEXT time the boom will fall?

I had to send Mama a quick spirit-message to quick put a lid on her prophecies that the entire refinery complex in Texas would be knocked out, and that America would be without gasoline and back in the horse-and-buggy days, just like I predicted in an old Letter. Whew! We just stopped those prophecies before they went out. We'd have had one hell of a time explaining that to the kids! Just like I had to write "Interpretation" after comet Kohoutek was a no-show. Well, it'll happen some day, you just wait and see. (Blubbering tongues: Even so shall it be as I have shown thy little father.)

I'm also thinking of re-interpreting my Letter "Endtime Whispering Vision" to prove I'm a prophet, you know? Remember we were down in the basement of a house looking out at scenes of destruction, and drinking the dripping water from the ceiling? Well, maybe the floods caused all that damage, not nuclear war, and maybe the dripping water was from the flood. (Dad trills wildly in tongue, does a Shalom Aleckim line dance with all his seven spirit guards, then blows his nose in his hanky and holds it up sadly.)

I want Mama's prophetesses to hold a moratorium on new prophecies until they've had a chance to comb through all my old Letters and see if maybe they can find some that got fulfilled. Good idea?