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I don't know at all, that's why I am asking ;)

Posted by Goth88 on September 27, 2005 at 23:35:35

In Reply to: Re: Seeking another letter title and number posted by Researcher on September 27, 2005 at 20:15:42:

I was not in the family when this came out, did not know the history of denials but I think it would make a very good article if someone wanted to go through different letters of denial and paste denials and lies with facts- both via first hand accounts and Berg/Maria's own writings.

I was thinking about that letter of denial because it shows the nature of Berg and even though he wrote letters like "Sacrificial Lambton" he in fact sacrificed many to cover or protect his ass or to take the fall for him when he was in hot water and escaped to lands where he could live at ease.

Exposing the leadership, the top leader- the one with the absolute authority is very useful in helping people still influenced by them to let go of the illusions that these people that are parasitical and sociopathic are not the "sinning saints" or sacrificial people they want everyone to believe they are.
I would think that many people currently within are uncomfortable with the twists and turns of doctrine as they were when FFing and then child exploitation, molestation began in the name of God.
Seeing how berg systematically set up his "kingdom" to fit his perverse desires by using his own words combined with FACTS would be a good article. Same could be done with Maria.
Also, I was thinking of "Paper Agape" when I saw the hideous posters being passed out during Katrina. "I love you..have a poster." wurrrrggghh