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What's in a name?

Posted by Perry on September 29, 2005 at 16:13:21

Continuing my search for da Vinci references, I came across this passage:

RESERVED FOR US!--Heavenly City Art! DFO 1578 5/83

12. I NEVER HEARD OF ANY RELIGIOUS GROUP CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD OR THE FAMILY OF LOVE BEFORE, EITHER!--Perfectly beautiful names!--Or Children of Love, you name it, the beautiful names the Lord has given us! I have heard of churches of every name you can possibly think of, but never Children of God, Family of Love or Children of Love! The Lord reserved these names for us! Yet those are the most natural names you could possibly call a church or a denomination or religious sect, cult, ism or whatever you want to call them! But the Lord saved'm for us! You don't think the Lord could do that?--Of course He can! He just made them not even think about it!"

Because Berg, the great prophet who heard directly from God, never heard or knew about other groups with the same name, they obviously never existed.
Now check out this link:

And here's a real Family of Love:

And if you google Children of God you will find scattered among the many links to the cult many religious organizations applying the term to themselves, and even using it formally as the name, in whole or in part, for specific ministries. So much for the Lord reserving the name for the cult and for making others to not even consider it.

Come to think of it, perhaps He did reserve "Family of Love" for Berg's group since the original cult with that name was also "...a mysterious and secretive sect ... with a reputation for extremism and subversion."