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NBC and CBS news videos from 1972 and 1973 now available

Posted by Archivist on September 29, 2005 at 17:41:20

Thanks to the Vanderbilt Television News Archive, two TV news reports about the Children of God from NBC (1972) and CBS (1973) have been added to the archive at

NBC Evening News for Sunday, Mar 05, 1972
Headline: Children of God
Abstract: (Studio) Children of God, group of young people, have troubles,
REPORTER: Garrick Utley
(Burlington, WA) Young people, many former drug users, live together, trying to live life of Jesus and convert world to his teachings. They live at old church camp and exist on donations. Families of members say they are kept at commune against will, hypnotized, drugged, and parents aren't allowed to visit. [Elder, "Caleb" WEST - says such lies hurt God's work and God's children.] [Mrs. Delores SNELL - doesn't believe anything the group says.] Families discuss using force to get children bacK. [Mrs. Doris PECK - says group is subversive organization]
REPORTER: Don Oliver
Broadcast Type: Evening News
Segment Type: News Content
Header Link 463362
Record Number: 463380
Begin Time: 05:52:20 pm
End Time: 05:56:10 pm
Duration: 03:50
Reporters: Oliver, Don; Utley, Garrick

CBS Evening News for Thursday, Apr 26, 1973
Headline: Jesus Movement / England
Abstract: (Studio) Jesus Movement spreading to England.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite
(London, England) Children of God migrate to England from Texas. Have rigid moral code and make religion a way of life. English people seem to get along with them much better than Texans did, but there is some hostility toward them. [Conservative M.P. John HUNT - fears young people may be subverted to Children of God.] Children of God go to Hyde Park on Sunday to proselytize. English appreciate unorthodox behavior better than Americans
Broadcast Type: Evening News
Segment Type: News Content
Header Link 228266
Record Number: 228291
Begin Time: 05:52:00 pm
End Time: 05:57:20 pm
Duration: 05:20
Reporters: Cronkite, Walter; Simon, Bob