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Re: My Cousin Krisit

Posted by Observer on October 05, 2005 at 12:44:49

In Reply to: Re: My Cousin Kristi posted by couch patato on October 05, 2005 at 12:05:05:

John, you posted the same above post on MovingOn & on this board, & I want to first of all say that you you make many good & excellent points. I agree very much with a lot of what you say & I believe that while part of your intentions are to stand up for your uncle, I believe that much of your motives are right & you're trying to help.

Nevertheless, I don't think a public forum was the place to address this. You cousin must feel pressured about this time, & she doesn't need that.

Kristi, I wept when I saw you on the video yesterday. You are an astonishing person & you spoke with such conviction & honesty. I want to affirm what Dr. Phil said, that you're no longer in a cult & you can say whatever you please. Much of what your cousin John Jr. says here seems like very good advice, but I hope you're not pressured by it.

I was also deeply impressed how -- after your father's insensitivity to your needs -- that you were STILL willing & wanting to have a good father-daughter relationship! You are absolutely awesome!