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Re: My Cousin Kristi

Posted by My cousin Vinnie on October 05, 2005 at 14:50:05

In Reply to: My Cousin Kristi posted by John Jr. on October 05, 2005 at 02:26:26:

I think one of the things that pisses me off the most about the LaMattery family is their propensity for politicising everything. For them, the personal is truly political. By dragging their personal correspondance with Kristi into the public forum, as they have done by posting the same appeal on three web sites as well as the Dr Phil forum,they have have hopelessly politicised any result.

Imagine how Kristi may feel. If she reconciles with her dad, it will be seen as a victory for him and his cause. So much the way Zerby operates. She saw her son Rick as a political commodity, to be manipulated and controlled to make her and her cause look good.

The question has to be asked: Is Kristi being forced to carry the same baggage that Rick had to? Her relatives, who are all bound up in a cause, are all pressuring her to do certain things and cosy up to her father.

As it stands now, her conduct and comments make her dad look bad. And for Jim, just like Zerby, optics and image are everything. (Although, he looked absolutely terrible on Dr Phil. Hard as nails, never the hint of a smile or an indication that anything other than ice water courses through his veins. And what was with the shades?)

So the pressure is on her to conform and come back to the fold and say and do the right thing. Then her dad will look good and the cause, characterised by shock and awe for all who oppose it, can continue to go forward.

To my way of thinking, the situation Kristi finds herself in is eerily similar to Rick's. Not that I suggest the outcome will be similar, not at all. Just that her dad and cousins have hopelessly politicised their relationship so that any resolution will inevitably be viewed by many in a political light.