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Here's an idea

Posted by ... on October 05, 2005 at 19:59:26

In Reply to: Re: That's going a little too far. posted by Windy on October 05, 2005 at 19:29:09:

Why don't you give Kristi a phone call and ask her how SHE feels about her father outing her on his website? She may be open about her sexuality, but that does not mean she's given her father or anyone else who knows her permission to talk about it on a public website.

There's a concept called "boundaries" that might help you and other people (like Observer) who see no problem with behavior like posting open letters to estranged family members on public websites.

Instead of an open letters to your cousin on the Dr. Phil website, why not pick up the phone and ask for some time to have a private conversation with Kristi about your concerns? Or have you already done that, and she basically told you to stuff it? Private conversation is generally how families with healthy boundaries manage their conflicts. You are, I hope, interested in becoming a family with healthy boundaries?

But I'm just an old fashioned kind of person, so what do I know? Why not send Dr. Phil an email and ask him what he thinks of your decision to post an open letter to Kristi on his website? Get a second opinion.