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Posted by my cousin vinnie on October 05, 2005 at 20:59:33

In Reply to: Re: UUHHHHHHHHHH...(2) posted by Wiindy on October 05, 2005 at 20:45:21:

Yeah, I know you didn't, but Jim did, and you were explaining/defending what happened to him at the hand of the unscrupulous producers.

I don't usually do Media 101, but in your family's case, there seemed to be such a compelling need to pass on a few words of wisdom....

I'm glad the advice resonated with you. Anything to spare the pain of repeat for Jim. The poor guy must have really suffered.

Oh, another piece of advice to pass on to him. Take the Rose letter off the web site as soon as possible. If he wants to make his living speaking and advocating against the group, the web site is like his store front. People go there to check him out. Seriously, that letter makes him look really bad. Keep the content of the website real positive and professional.

Maybe he could get a blog somewhere else and post stuff like that letter there. Disassociate it completely from his professional persona.

Oh yeah, one more point. You know your photo on your web site? I would suggest replacing it with something a little more professional, a little more suited to inspiring confidence in your target audience -- builds your credibility. That's what a web site is supposed to do, build credibility so people will trust you and take a chance on you.

Just a thought. i've been meaning to mention it for some time. It just comes across as a little flakey. And I know you're not.

chow for now