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Re: A request

Posted by my cousin vinnie on October 06, 2005 at 16:03:30

In Reply to: A request posted by John Jr. on October 06, 2005 at 15:24:51:

John, I agree that it is counter-productive to continue laying bare details and opinions about the Jim-Kristi relationship and all the surrounding brou-haha.

But again, I find it highly disingenous and offensive, that you, the one who started this debate in the public forum yesterday in what many feel was a highly unethical and self-serving manner, should now be respectfully requesting that we give them space and respect their privacy.

It seems to me that it is all about control and manipulation. You start the debate in a calculated manner, on four web sites, without the knowledge of or permission from one of the key players, Kristi. Then, when it serves your purpose, probably because the discussion is not going the way you hoped, you try to shut it down in your usual pious manner.

You and your uncle are the ones who have violated Kristi's privacy more than anyone. You and your uncle are the ones who have hopelessly politicised the relationship between Kristi and Jim, more than anyone. You are the ones who have caused the LaMattery name to be dragged through the mud more than anyone. The Family must love having enemies like you: you're so easy to discredit.

the debate will probably stop here, as it should. But the fact is, it should never have started and the only reason it did start was because of you and your uncle's obsession for controlling and manipulating people.

The blame for any harm that comes from these debates should be laid squarely at your feet.

I don't blame Kristi one bit if she never wants anything to do with her father again. He has almost irrevocably poisoned the well of reconciliation.

Oh yeah -- idea for the LaMattery theme song. "This is the Hour of My Destiny." Remember the song Windy sang on one of those tapes dedicated to Berg? A good fit for your family, don't you think. Maybe Dr Phil can play it when you appear on the followup.