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Obviously YOU Don't Know the TRUTH!

Posted by Reprove, Rebuke Exhort on October 06, 2005 at 18:15:48

In Reply to: Re: Obviously Jim didn't know that posted by Joseph on October 06, 2005 at 17:44:51:

Some of you whiners are griping "wha, wha, so Jim wants to publish a book, power to him, the issue is that he considers himself entitled to everybody's collaboration with his Master Plan and the rest of us obligated to give it."

What you second-class people don't get is that it is an excommunicable offense to not agree to being a vehicle for the advent of Jim's will on earth when (and if) he decides he needs you to be!

What is important for alll of you to remember is that while you think the goal is to expose the cult, the true goal is to have Jim expose the part of the cult he wishes as he sees fit. If it's not perceived to be Jim's achievement, and Jim to be a hero with no equals but at most some loyal sidekicks, he will continue to have a hard time getting his book sold. His business plan requires him be in the public eye as the victor who brought down the cult. This is much more valuable and important.

Rule B is that only Jim's point of view, perspective, opinions, values and goals matter. Only Jim knows what "the right thing to do" is, for him, his daughter, and yes, YOU! I know you think you do too, but you're just wrong. Yield and obey people!

You also seem totally unaware that things that happen to Jim that he doesn't like or that were not part of his plan are never, ever consequences of his own actions, but rather the deed of those wrongheaded people who have not realized and accepted Rule B. This holds even if Jim pushed such wrongheaded people to do something he wanted and when they did it, they did it with a twist that felt like the right thing to do for them but which Jim did not expect. How dare they.

I know some of you losers also object to his suddenly appearing on the scene since Ricky "did his thing," expecting implicit trust despite the fact that he was not previously around so we could get to know him and he could establish credibility. Doubters! JUST DO IT BECAUSE JIM SAYS SO! Sheesh, didn't you people learn anything?

I know you all think you have a life and "wah, wah, what about us," or maybe "I was never even in the family and I take offense at being accused of abusing kids" but that is really irrelevant. The relevant world includes Jim, his clients and compliant family members, the audience to be reached and any SG's who will only act if endorsing his heroship.

And remember, Jim may only be criticized for something he wants to call a defect.