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Berg and Joseph McCarthy

Posted by MG on October 07, 2005 at 14:12:11

I was listening to a broadcast today on the new movie “Good Night, and Good Luck” which has to do with Senator Joseph McCarthy’s communist witch-hunt senatorial hearings in the ‘50s. (I haven’t seen the movie yet.) Anyway as I was listening to this interview with some news people who lived through that era, I flashed back to some of the first indoctrination I received when I joined the COG in ’71. It was all about the anti-God anti-Christ communist taking over not only the world, but the US too, and with communist agents infiltrating American education, politics and religion. This came straight from Berg.

Wasn’t communist infiltration what McCarthy was all about? Here’s a short excerpt from The Endtime Whispering Vision, quite a lot of McCarthyism in there.

“6. THEY WORE A BEAUTIFUL MASK OF PEACE and so called freedom and social uplift, but underneath was the cold, hard, cruel, iron, fiendish, demonic power of Satan himself! They crept into our institutions in the form of university professors and high school teachers, and into our churches as moralistic pastors preaching their social gospel, and even into our Government and State Department as those who were concerned about world welfare, the United Nations and One World.

7. BUT THEY ALWAYS LEFT GOD OUT OF THE PICTURE AND EXALTED MAN and his ability to solve his own problems by his united effort ….

15. IT WAS BY TOTAL POWER THAT WE WERE CONQUERED!--The war of words, the war of ideology, the war of ideas, the war of propaganda, the war of infiltration with completely dedicated secret agents, together with that final horrible holocaustic blow of those awful atomic explosions. Some of them were set off at a given signal by their own agents right here in our own land, each themselves dying in the blast, gladly giving their lives for their cause.“

My conclusion is that Berg was a McCarthyite.