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Berg's roots

Posted by Oldtimer on October 07, 2005 at 14:51:55

In Reply to: PS to Berg and Joseph McCarthy posted by MG on October 07, 2005 at 14:18:44:

In the early years and tapes he had a lot of respect for the KKK (the 'gentlemen of the south' he called them.) He was pro-Zionist and anti-communist. I remember hearing a tape of Berg years ago where he criticized the U.S. for not having the balls to get right in there and bomb the absolute shit out of Hanoi, north Vietnam saying it was a lack of political will.

Remember that ML where after the Arab Israeli war in 1967 he got on a radio show and got so excited exalting Zionism that the commentator couldn't get him to stop talking?

And the first version of the ML, "No Neutrals" he blasted Suhkarto (?) for selling out Indonesia to the communists. Then the later version flipflopped and though you still couldn't be a neutral, Berg was now endorsing the communist side. And we all know that in his doting old age he went back to being a fascist anti-communist.

And hey, speaking of censoring and McCarthyism, the Family is one huge censor organization telling its members what websites they can and can't see. They even put out lists of movies you can and can't see.