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Re: the most puzzling thing about this discussion

Posted by good points on October 08, 2005 at 02:20:31

In Reply to: Re: the most puzzling thing about this discussion posted by a poster on October 08, 2005 at 01:16:08:

I think you've made a lot of good points. Not that this debate needs to be dragged on. The problem is that many of us are loathe to be critical of kin. For those of us who have kin, we cherish them as often they are the main components of our social network. The last thing we want to do is censure them publicly, even if they are acting poorly.

But I do agree that critical thinking ranks right up there in priorities. It sometimes has to trump kin. Otherwise we risk condoning bad stuff and compromising our sincerely held values.

I think that this is a weakness of those LaMatteries who seemingly support and stand behind Jim regardless of what he does and says. To some bystanders, it appears that they are no longer judging the merits of the issues being discussed, they're not thinking critically. They are condoning what appears to many to be highly questionable behavior. For many people, this is highly offensive and distasteful. The result is that many people feel that they have lost the moral authority to advocate against the COG.

Lots of good points, although perhaps this debate is best allowed to wind down for now, seeing that the LaMatteries are no longer participating.