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Re: Australian 60 minutes

Posted by Paul & joy hardinbum on October 12, 2005 at 19:56:49

In Reply to: Re: Australian 60 minutes posted by Observer on October 12, 2005 at 12:17:13:

Dear sheep as the unofficial Australian/asian leaders of the fcf/ cog/family of love ,dear god i cant for the life of jesus remember what we call ourselves now well whatever .We will not be giving an official interveiw with the sixty minutes programe.We will however witness to these mislead (demons) to show them that jesus is on our side .We must save these poor souls aswell as the rest of the world you know (praise the lord and all of his sexness). Anything you see on this programe will not be real especially footage of little girls dancing naked, magazines containing little boys being fondeled by grown women.Not to say that this hasn't happened in the past I think i stopped doing this in the 80's or was it the 90"s well give or take 10 years who cares.Did i say i stopped this sorry i meant the wrong doers that we excomunicated even though some are back in or working with children in a god-ly manner, "see we have cleaned ourselves right up".Lets cut to the chase We had the time of our lives so did all of my brothers & sisters children just ask them or go to my www.conclusion.con.(Paul)So just out of curiousity would you like to see me naked? More to come.