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Re: Inside story on *Sinful Acts* show

Posted by Daniel Roselle on October 18, 2005 at 12:22:48

In Reply to: Re: Inside story on *Sinful Acts* show posted by what did Albatross say on October 18, 2005 at 02:16:10:

I haven't yet seen the NZ footage. Do you know where I might find it?
As for the 60 minutes show: Verbatim transcript of the video sent to Berg:
MAN: And it was a really a blessing too for Joe and Hobo because they had a good chance to share also with Sally.

WOMAN: Amen. (Giggles)

MAN: So the Lord is really setting us freer and freer to obey and to be free.

There is no escaping the reality of this video. We have an adult father telling Berg how they are becoming free and OBEYING by having the boy on the video "share" with the adult woman.
This puts an image to what so many of us have been saying occurred. I think the operative word is OBEY. A powerful word suggesting that their actions were done in obedience to directives from Berg. That is a smoking gun. There are many smoking guns. It is gratifying to see so egregious a one as this make its way onto TV.

An aside: 12 years or more of Family machinations to launder their image and repackage themselves as little more than a wholesome Christian charity organization without actually making the difficult choice to own up to their sordid past have been deal a serious blow in 9 months of media stories.
The Family understands the reality of search engines and archived media to create facts on the ground as to what the nature of their organizations is. This is why they expend so much energy on Google advertising and other web based promotions. The fact is that the word Cult and the name The Family are inextricably linked in countless archived articles. A baseline has been established for understanding this group. The fruits of years of massaging and catering to their apologist academics were swept away by one 56-minute tape made by Ricky and the subsequent media stories.
Family spokespersons have shown an increasing unwillingness to be filmed for TV. I believe that this is due to the fact that now that the reporters know what questions to ask about TF’s past activities, there is no way for people such as Borowik to appears as anything less than evasive and guilty.
Media reports, while not always complete, or satisfying in investigative vigor, have nevertheless been overwhelmingly supportive of the victim’s position. As anyone who has worked with the media will tell you, despite the seemingly obvious crimes committed on us, it is not a given that our accounts will be believed. There will be many more media stories in the next few years. I anticipate that not all of those will be gentle on the victims. However I believe the balance will favor us. Wherever and however else we are able to find success in bringing justice for the victims of TF’s crimes, I consider every article a powerful blow for the victims. For every rape, molestation, and beating that occurred under the aegis of Family leadership or policy, we are dealing them difficulty, expense, and unfavorable publicity. I’ve said this often, but it bears repeating. We have youthful vigor and determination behind us. We often are better educated and tend to be much more image-aware and media savvy. We are well versed in their though patterns and “know our enemy”. Most importantly we can speak from a position of strength and righteous indignations with noting to hide. This cannot be said for TF. They have the added disadvantage of having recorded their crimes in an almost Nazi-like meticulousness and glee. The subsequent redactions of their pubs only serve to highlight their guilt.
It may be that their Armageddon will not come in a thunderous explosion but perhaps as with the old Chinese torture, they will be undone in the “death by a thousand cuts.”

Daniel Roselle