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Here's an example

Posted by Tarbaby on October 22, 2005 at 17:39:25

In Reply to: dang enter key posted by Acheick on October 21, 2005 at 18:10:04:

THE RONALD REAGAN SPIDER DREAM! DO 879, 5 March 1980, where Berg's "sees" Reagan as a spider. The spider is smashed, indicating Reagan's likely defeat. (There's also a tie-in here to California Govenor Reagan's support of Ted Patrick & Free-COG.)

After Reagan defeats Carter in a landslide, Berg has to make something up. So he comes up with THE REAGAN REACTION! DFO 946 5/11/80:

68. REAGAN OBVIOUSLY PROMISED THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANTED, SO THEY ELECTED HIM HOPING THEY'LL GET IT, & VERY LIKELY THEY WILL! They'll probably get it in more ways than they realise! (Maria: Do you think that's where "The Spider Dream" comes in, that eventually he'll get smashed & he won't have any power? Since it obviously didn't happen right now & he did get in, maybe it's going to happen later.) (See No.879.)
69. WELL, THAT SPIDER DREAM WAS MOSTLY IN RELATION TO US & US PERSONALLY. We could almost say it's already happened, in a way, as far as we're concerned, because he came out against us & he didn't succeed. He came out as our bitter enemy & used Black Lightning to persecute us & tried to crush us, but he didn't make it.

Reminds me of Friday night football. Fumble, fumble, punt, interception!