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A way to approach it

Posted by Historian on October 22, 2005 at 20:03:43

In Reply to: Calling All Parents posted by Jim LaMattery on October 22, 2005 at 18:23:36:

Answering the posting Family members with logical arguments won't get through to them, so the main goal of posting on that board should be to reach the public with the truth. Rather than wear yourselves out posting lengthy or passionate answers, why not simply drop in URLs that lead readers to shocking Mo quotes or articles? There is a lot of evidence online that would literally shock the public if it was brought to their attention.

Berg was the Family's greatest enemy, his words work wonders at destroying their credibility. One poster I read there did that & directed readers to Berg's own words.

Instead of writing answers & testimonies which the public may or may not read if they're too long, how about directing the public to primary documents saying, 'Did you know that David Berg said Hitler was a hero & did a good thing trying to exterminate the Jews?' then give them the URL to the article on this site. Ask, 'Did you know Karen Zerby stated there was nothing wrong with child-adult sex AFTER the Family had publicly denounced it in a court case?' & give the URL to the raw Maria Jewels' on XFamily.

Keep repeating those URLs sandwiched by short explanations till the reading public finally gets the message. To save yourself from getting worn out, write short essages giving short quotes then give the URL to the actual full shithouse of Berg's words.