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Re: A way to approach it

Posted by Acheick on October 22, 2005 at 20:32:49

In Reply to: Re: A way to approach it posted by Jim LaMattery on October 22, 2005 at 20:28:02:

she also talked about how she was escorted to the bathroom so she wouldn't have doubts, that kind of thing - she talked about life in TF and the deviances of it. You act as if it was each individual doing something, but it was an orchestrated event, orchestrated by Berg and his cronies and Berg's writings presenting himself as a prophet of God. This is why it WAS widespread and not a few miscreant individuals like TF is trying to claim. Besides, anyone can do what they want, there's no dictatorship going on here. Historian was only offering an opinion and some advice. Nothing is set in stone, people can post what they want. But getting them there is a good idea at this point, right?