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Montel Williams show

Posted by Perry on October 24, 2005 at 13:12:14

It's not fair to compare these shows because each has been important in their own way, but this was one of the most powerful and moving yet. It showed the most footage from Ricky's video, and Montel let Caryn and Don tell their troubling stories almost without interruption and with no obvious editing. Caryn provided more credible and compelling evidence that adult/child sex and physical abuse continued well after TF's leaders claim it stopped. Montel read an excerpt from Borowick's official statement regarding Ricky's death in a tone of incredulity and skepticism. He also referred to this site and Movingon as the two best for former members seeking help. He pulled no punches when describing TF as among the most heinous cults he has ever dealt with on his show.