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Re: Thinking Errors in the MLs, GNs, Family member posts

Posted by Tarbaby on October 25, 2005 at 13:07:07

In Reply to: Re: Thinking Errors in the MLs, GNs, Family member posts posted by Twas Brillig & the SlithyToves on October 25, 2005 at 12:16:56:

Very often when I read things by people raised in TF who left the group, I think to myself, "The power of the human mind is a difficult thing to diminish."

It appears that the power of the keys is what happens when a child of God quit thinking. The mind goes blank, totally diminished by the paradoxical keys that shut it down.

I was looking at Gen-Ups, also. The one that got to me (Issue 28) is where there's an explanation for the Dec. 26 tsunami, followed by the this intellectual pretzel from Jesus, the Rationalizing Theologian:

"I have four groups of people coming into the spirit world through this disaster:

1) The saved, those who believe in Me. The smallest group, goes instantly to heaven...

2) The would-have-been-saved...if they had heard about Me, but they did not have the chance while on earth. So they learn about Me in the next life...

3) Those who hate me, those who curse me & My Father. They'll burn for a while, then get a second chance. Eventually they'll realize it's my way or the highway to hell.

4)The biggest group: Those who didn't know about Me because they were under the influence of false religion and did't have a chance to know the truth. So they learn about Me and the truth in the next life...

Logic problems:

Ummm...What's the difference between group 2 and group 4?

Why do Family members dedicate their entire lives to leading lost souls to Jesus if spirit helpers in the next life are going to pick up all the unfinished business?

Does Group 3 loose their capacity to choose? Aren't there some who will always prefer to rule in hell rather than serve in heaven? (To know enough to actually ask this question, it might help to read John Milton's Paradise Lost in your senior English class. Oh, I forgot. TFI missionaries don't need anything more than an 8th grade education. Screw the classics of western civilization!)