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A moral dilemma

Posted by John Concerned on October 27, 2005 at 23:01:10

I have been reading these boards for quite a while. Many posters have shared bits and pieces of my own experience and I have learned to deal with my own demons. I am grateful to all of you. Now, after these years I have new horizons in regards to the cult but I am in need of advice. I come to this board as one of the community of exers who am not ashamed of my part in the family but who knows whose participation was instrumental in promoting their teachings. For that, in spite of some good times with other idealist friends, I feel guilty.

Please donít respond saying that I need to get over it, or that I should abandon my faith and hope for a good day with my Saviour Jesus Christ. I am still a believer but I despise all that David Berg and his followers represent. Neither do I need counseling to tell me I was duped into a sex cult, etc. I will deal, or am dealing with all of those issues at my own leisure. But I have a very specific question to ponder and solve.

I work fairly close to law enforcement at the federal level (USA) and global level. They have special interest in several particular types of activities, many of which TFI resembles of doing. It would be fairly easy to mention places and activities. One of the hottest spots being watched right now is the Balkans and I am sure TF is around there. Concerns about human trafficking are growing. Previously Muslim secular countries are becoming more and more radicalized in their fundamentalism.

With all of this in mind, knowing that many well meaning individuals, idealists many of them will be persecuted, is that I ask myself: Should I tell on them?

Considering the globalization of policing efforts, something like this could escalate, and quickly.

How do I reconcile exposing TFI and the stress of individuals who might not be such bad people after all?

I would appreciate any thoughts on this topic. Thank you.


P.S. I am not always able to post follow-ups but Iíll try to.