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Re: A moral dilemma

Posted by some thoughts on October 28, 2005 at 02:18:59

In Reply to: Re: A moral dilemma posted by ponderer on October 28, 2005 at 01:41:12:

Human Trafficking was mentioned. What specifically is the Family engaged in that would be considered Human Trafficking by legal standards that you know of? No need to answer here, why forewarn anyone? But I would ask myself that question and if I knew that certain illegal acts were occurring I would not personally hesitate to contact authorities.
Why should a third generation and then a fourth get screwed up because of parents that are zombified and are obeying Zerby over the concerns parents naturally have regarding children? Like decent education, socialization and ABSOLUTELY NO FONDLING OR SEXUALIZATION WHATSOEVER OF CHILDREN.
If you know something I hope you do report it because "APOSTATES" are not the cause of TFI's woes. Their actions and their doctrines are the cause and no child should have to suffer for it a moment more.
If families choose to turn their backs on their kids rather than get help in case of legal intervention then at least save the children. Maybe eventually things will get painful enough that the parents will follow and get help if they don't on the outset.
I agree with definite prosecution of Zerby and her handmanden. of child molestation have to register as sex offenders. Some don't do jail time but are forced into treatment and away from children at least unless it would be shown that they would not have done what they did had it not been for family teachings. Usually that sort of leniency is reserved for people that are not serial molesters. Even under the influence of the Family people have enough awareness of outside laws to realize that what some are doing is ILLEGAL. Therefore they have crossed a boundary and no child should suffer a moment more for this.