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Re: Thank you!!

Posted by Perry on October 28, 2005 at 18:37:23

In Reply to: Thank you!! posted by John Concerned on October 28, 2005 at 17:40:28:

I'm a firm believer in restorative justice when it comes to many criminal matters. Canada is a leader in that field and here's a link that helps explain the concept. However, for restorative justice to work it must involve all parties: victims and their families, perpetrators, the community and the state. I agree with those nice Christian friends of yours who think that for some minor crimes people should be given a second chance, however, only if the criminal admits to the offence and is willing to make restitution in one form or another. I've been involved with a restorative justice program and it usually works to everyone's benefit. But again, it only works if the criminal admits to wrongdoing and is willing to make it up to the victim somehow. Sometimes it only requires an apology, but other times requires more such as probationary work that directly benefits the victim or community. Given TF's official statements since Ricky and Angela's deaths, I don't see them cooperating any time soon.

What I've said here is probably not too helpful for your dilemma. Perhaps it would help if you tried to consider the situation as if you had no prior knowledge of or involvement with TF. If you came across an organization that you were convinced was led by criminals, though not all members were, what would you do? Let them alone because you don't want to cause any unnecessary harm to the innocent, or report them to the authorities?

I think you are drawing close to your decision when you state: "I am not saying that these people are molesting children but their ignorance supports an environment that not only facilitates but promotes child abuse." Perhaps they'll wake up to their own wilfull ignorance as a result of the actions you take. And remember, ignorance is not a valid defence to the law.