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Chancellor Fancies Himself

Posted by locke on October 28, 2005 at 19:34:03

In Reply to: More on Apostates posted by Perry on October 28, 2005 at 17:57:36:

He fancies himself as a glorified anthropological recorder of the formation of a new religion that is still in the throes of oral tradition.

I want to respect Chancellor but find it difficult in view of his anti-American military stance and supporting the calling of exmembers who are now in traditional Christianity apostates--like many young men who are now in the military and in fact in Iraq and have issues with the Cult.

I find it ironic and sad that Christians used to be in the forefront of the Anti-slavery movement(check out history--it wasn't just rational humanists) and suffered real persecution to help the blacks stop being used as free labor for fat landowners and sex objects for their unrestrained libidos. Now Christians seem to ignore the cults that are using the name of Christ to support a small core of leadership.

Christians in the 1800's saw the violence that the slaves suffered and worked actively against it. They paid in blood for their beliefs.

Where are the Christian churches in this?

Many who leave the Family can't stomach Christianity anymore for obvious reasons.

We humanists and Buddhists need to enlist the aid of Christians in this battle--get the Christians to police their own kind and clean up their own back yard.

Friggin sociologists are just careerists in the crossfire seeking academic fame or simply fodder for their weak-as-water-publications that they need to publish to increase their chances at tenure.

The sociologists are careerists just like the college educated leadership of the FAmily cult who are continually seeking to keep their position and source of income.

Look, kids were locked up in the cult, families were separated, leadership wielded absolute power over people's lives....some got out okay...some will never recover.