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Posted by James Seemore on October 29, 2005 at 09:12:00

I am a current SGA Family member - As an individual, do I have to conform to your way of thinking? You want to take out the Family, but I got kids, so it will be over my dead body (so to speak). Go after your culprit and stop lumping us all in it together or you as a poor "abused person" will become the "abuser".
By the way, most of us are living an "active" life. Whether you believe us or not, most of us understand the concept of preaching Jesus, helping the poor, caring for our families, running our own show & whatís happening in the world. Some do and some donít engage in Loving Jesus, some do and some donít get prophesies from beyond. These things are not Family Charter requirements to be a member. Some of you are so in the past it's pathetic. Mo was wrong at times, so what. Read the Charter, see the changes. No longer what is written in an ML is law & Order. No longer if you think, you stink. Oh, and I am out in the "system" every day, so have a handle on the real world. When time permits I watch the TV, you know movies and news, and talk shows. I think many of you former members would be surprised at the changes. Sorry they didn't come sooner for your sake, but the past is the past and if you got a problem, take it up with the person in charge or who ever abused you and leave the rest of us alone. I mean, get specific instead of just boringly saying all the time that The Family (COG) did this and did that to me, tell us all who, where, when, why (out of a rough 35,000 member flow-through, it does look like only a portion was so called ďabusedĒ). It's no wonder law enforcement agencies don't listen to you. All very mysterious. But then again, maybe you guys think youíre a mysterious cult within yourselves (hope I'm kidding!)??? Talk fact, not fiction! May I say it again, the abused, don't become the abusers, oh, and be happy! Thanks!