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it's hard

Posted by lydia on October 29, 2005 at 15:01:15

In Reply to: Re: but isn't it embarrassing posted by James Seemore on October 29, 2005 at 14:33:52:

If Maria went to court, she would be convicted, just by those photo's that show how she promoted her son getting with the women in her household.

I wish Ricky hadn't killed anyone, I wish he hadn't killed himself. If he hadn't, and he had gone to court, I wonder how the jury would have felt, after seeing the Davidito book? Hearing what he went through.

You know I wrote him and told him how awful and guilty I felt for never having run to the police when the pictures of what was happening to him first came out. How horrible that the whole of the Family knew he was being abused and never did anything to help. (though a lot of people left during that time) I apoligised to him and he wrote back this sweet letter of forgiveness.

So strange isn't it?