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Are leaders accountable?

Posted by lydia on October 29, 2005 at 17:35:13

We all know that Berg (from the dead) admitted he was wrong about the writings detailing how it is okay for sexual contact to happen between adults and children.

But we all know too that Maria was involved in promoting that sexual contact with her own child.

If a church leader was found doing the same, would he be asked to step down?

Would people lose faith in someone who got it so wrong that they could actually do such things?

I found it extremely enlightening when in reading the Bible, it explained that if a Prophet got wrong even ONE time, don't believe them, that the prophet wasn't of God.

I find that quite liberating as I don't know of any modern day prophets who have never gotten it wrong, including Maria. So why should she not be accountable for allowing her son to abused and having sexual relations with him herself (according to Davida)

I think Family members could consider why in the world they think they need a King and Queen to follow?

With everyone hearing from Jesus, why isn't that enough?

The other interesting thing I found liberating in the Bible, is that God was against his people having a King! Isn't it strange when we try to follow God so closely and still keep getting it wrong?