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Re: MM- FM- FD?

Posted by Clark3000 on October 29, 2005 at 17:37:26

In Reply to: Re: MM- FM- FD? posted by James Seemore on October 29, 2005 at 17:10:15:

Just to let you know what really helped me was when I came to the realization that David Berg was not the David in the Bible. Family members are afraid of losing grace with the Lord by doubting. I was set free from this mind set. TF teaches that any doubt aganst Berg, MAria, or Peter is sin, and if it is voiced in the home it is causing division and if it is not stopped it is an excommunicable crime. This is how they get people to stay in TF, and this is what the kids are taught from toddler age. They are also taught to surround
themselves with spirit helpers, so there is a lot of wild fire with this as some of the young kids get off on some strange "propecies" from their
"Spirit helpers". They also sit around having seances trying to "hear" from these spirits, draw
pictures of the ones they see in visions to hang on their walls.Maria is the one promoting this fellowship and working together with spirit helpers, and encourages it very much.
This keeping members and their children afraid to leave TF by causing them to believe they will be out of God's will if they do, greatly fits into the category of spiritual abuse. Berg got away from the Bible and put his own words above God's.
This ,according to the scriptures, is blaspheme.
Maria still encourages members to regard the GNs and read the new wine before reading the Bible.
Of course it is your choice if you want your children sitting around "hearing" from spirit helpers or drawing pictures of them.
TF has gotten away from letting the Holy Spirit speak through them, and seeks other spirits, familiar spirits instead. These are facts, James, that cannot be denied. Many of the former members that left awhile ago know not what goes on inside TF these days, and yes , things have changed, and there are stranger doctrines than ever.One littel girl wasrunning around the home saying she saw a little boy spirit doing mischeivous things,other kids were seeing "angels" doing strange things.
They are encouraged to get as many spirit helpersas they can, and practice interacting with them and communicating with them. This is promoted by MAria herself in the GNs. I didnt want my kids in that situation for one more minute, but you goto another home and they are doing the same thing.Its in the New Wine, James, its the latest.
These are the things TF is afraid to let out tothe General public who wants toknowwhat is going on inside. The home meetings are conducted much the same way. I was on the CGO board. We had to "hear"
before each meeting and before each decision was made, and I remember it was real cool to hear from
a spirit helper or "angel" you even can get its name. The kids were fascinated by someone who said they saw an angel, or if you got the name of someone's guardian angel. This is all part of using the New Weapons.The FD's doit more than the MM's and FM's sionce they have to keep the highest standard, and if you are hearing from spirit helpers you are considered to be more spiritual than someone who is not. I know, I just left a few months ago, I am fresh off the griddle, brother.
Get out while you can before the teachers have your kids hearing from spirit helpers, or maybe they already doif they read the new Gen Up, and Milks. I owuld advise you to splitand take the wifeandkids before its too late.
hearing from spirit helpers