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To James See-less

Posted by Freeatlast! on October 29, 2005 at 19:58:54

James... here's your quote:

Why don't you take that issue up with her yourself? I don't live with her, know where she is or care too know at this time.

"By the way, are they allowed to question their commanders, choose their leaders, make army rules etc? -- No sir!"

*My question is this: can YOU, a Family member make hoest questions to Maria about doctrine and poicies and expect a plain answer... and I don't mean her dribble from the "other world"... her prophesies from spirit helpers. Can you get a straightforth answer?
Yes, the military can't question their commanders... but the Family is not the military.
Mr. Seemore... you are blind... you think you can do as you please... not have to masturbate to Jesus... not have to "share"... but you must not be an "FD" disciple... because as the highest ranking disciple in the Family before, you are expected to live the Family's "word" to the full... past and present. You are supposed to believe Berg was the endtime prophet, go for the gold, live the "law of love" and NOT have worldly influences such as watching TV or unrated movies or have a "system" job.
Mr. Seemore... how will you stand before Jesus and look HIm in the eye and say... "well, I was in the Family, but I didn't follow all doctrine because of..."
Jesus will ask you honestly WHY were you still in a group where you didn't follow all it's doctrines... WHY? It's hypocritical... don't you think?

How can you judge us exmembers so self-righteously? We left because we finally looked ourselves in the eye and decided that since we didn't believe/have the faith for or didn't want to follow all the latest doctrine - we were going to leave.

Why stay in a group which demands it's members to follow blindly and promote it's doctrine when you don't do it yourself???

There are countless other groups that are doing so much more for Jesus without getting into all that other junk and are open and honest. Ones that don't have a criminal past.