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You seem quite intelligent

Posted by Goth88 on October 29, 2005 at 21:24:43

You wrote:
"One thing I would like to add in general is that we're not stupid dumb followers like some of you adults where. HA! We do think! Many of us SGA's run whole ministries like Aid collection & distribution, manage home finances, do home business, own vehicles, pay our bills, raise money, raise families etc."
I was a teen when I was recruited. I was far from being dumb but I certainly was vulnerable. I thought a lot. I thought about purpose in life and the war in Viet Nam. I cared about people and did volunteer work from when I was a kid, even before I was a teen. I was not mature and had poor judgement which is not unusual for youth to experience.
People my age and a little older approached me with smiles on their faces and I had not felt anything like that before..a sense of warm community. I did not come from a healthy family of origin environment.
It is probably one reason a smart person can join a high demand organization, which was called a cult back in the day and still is by many- and was a buzz word I had not heard when I joined.
I can't imagine what it would be like to grow up within TF/TFI as it was not my experience.
I have likely angered you when talking about David Berg and Maria because no one likes to hear things said about the people they admire when it clashes with what they believe about them.
What I would think you might be interested in doing as an intelligent person is to THINK about what is being said and do some research to find out about the current leader of your org. and the founder. Also, think about your own children's futures and things like whether they will get a higher education and be allowed to seek their own interests according to their own abilities.
I got out when my kids were young and they had less catching up to do than many and so now they are successful adults.
They live in nice places, go on vacations, enjoy what they want to and most of all they decided for themselves what their interests were and are productive citizens. Of course they did some pretty wild things as youth (talking about their adolescent phase long after we were out of the Family..)but the world out here is not about people failing who leave the family and getting into gangs or prisons or drug overdoses or whatever else that is painted about life in the outside world.
Anyway, I am sorry if I have offended you personally. That was not my intention.